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in minutes, save hours.

Prefix helps you build time-saving automations & valuable dashboards for your business remarkably quickly, and without any coding experience.


An automation platform from the future

Building software without code shouldn't start with hours of dragging & dropping visual components. Prefix starts with your data and the things you'd like to accomplish with it.


Meet your new, always on call, AI automation engineer

Prefix connects to your business applications and helps you assemble powerful utilities you'll use daily.

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No experts required
Visually review, use, and maintain any automation you build in Prefix, instead of waiting on developers.
Connect to any platform
40+ app integrations and custom actions allow you to easily connect to any data source, API, or platform under the sun.
Disappears from view
Once built, Prefix automations can detect new data and run in the background via a form-fill, on a schedule, or via an API call.
Beyond any doubt
All automations run in secure sandboxes, and all your connection information is stored in our encrypted vault.
Rich visuals
Prefix can help you build dashboards using a growing component library of over 10 types of interactive charts.
Actually free
Import or build as many automations as you need, free. Only pay when you need them more than 100 times a month.

You'll know in minutes

Your time is valuable. Prefix is risk-free to try, remarkably quick to learn, and pays for itself visibly at every tier.

Get a fully-featured introduction to what Prefix can offer your organization.
Invite your team and get recurring value from your Prefix automations.
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Request custom features and access unique self-hosting options.

Prefix is best at building automations that transform data or send data between resources (spreadsheets, databases, etc.) or apps (any app with an accessible API), as well as visualizing data.

We offer a fully-featured free tier for you to first understand Prefix's capabilities,and where it can actually be useful for your needs. If there's a key feature you'd want before a purchase, please reach out and we'll make it a priority.

New users can expect to set up and deploy their first working automation in under 5 minutes. Unlike every existing automation tool, Prefix doesn't require you to build a flowchart or write code. You generate automations simply by chatting with our AI, and save the ones that work well.

Yes, we offer an entirely self-hosted option for enterprise customers, with reasonable pricing for smaller businesses & startups. Prefix can be deployed via terraform on your own AWS account in ~8 minutes. Reach out to learn more about this option.

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Smarter, not harder

Find out if Prefix can save your team invaluable hours spent on busy work each month in a matter of minutes.