Meet your new [AI] automation engineer.

Rapidly assemble time-saving automations & insightful dashboards for your business in natural language.


An automation platform from the future

Building internal tools shouldn't start with hours of dragging, dropping, & aligning UI components. Prefix starts with your data and the things you'd like to accomplish with it.


Generate reusable tools and shortcuts for your team

AI assistant chatbots are great for ad-hoc work you only need done once– Prefix builds you automations you'll use daily.

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Reliable [re] execution
Use smart no-code interfaces to methodically review and test AI-generated code to guarantee your automations work as expected, every time.
Beyond any doubt
By only using code to handle your data, instead of reading your data directly, AI models never see your information, and can process infinitely larger amounts of data.
Build relevant AI agents
Rapidly unleash chat interfaces capable of interactively running any of your Prefix actions to solve for your business's unique needs across teams & platforms.
Connect to any platform
Our powerful AI coder can learn to automatically identify, request secure credentials for, and connect to any data source, API, or platform you require.
Trigger from anywhere
Once built, Prefix actions can be easily triggered any way you'd like– via a form-fill, Webhook API call from Zapier, on a schedule, even from ChatGPT.
Unlimited actions, free
Prefix lets you build and test as many fully-featured actions as you'd like, completely free. You only pay when you run them more than 100 times a month.

You'll know in minutes

Your time is valuable. Prefix is risk-free to try, remarkably quick to learn, and pays for itself visibly at every tier.

Get a fully-featured introduction to what Prefix can offer your organization.
Invite your team and get recurring value from your Prefix automations.
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Request custom features and access unique self-hosting options.

Prefix is best at building automations that transform data or send data between resources (spreadsheets, databases, etc.) or apps (any app with an accessible API), as well as visualizing data.

We offer a fully-featured free tier for you to first understand Prefix's capabilities,and where it can actually be useful for your needs– we guarantee it'll take you < 5 minutes. If there's a key feature you'd want before a purchase, please reach out and we'll make it a priority.

Unlike existing code interpreters & sandboxes, Prefix features a unique, managed system that allows you to visually understand, test, and white-list every action before it ever runs on your data, so you can be 100% sure actions in Prefix do exactly what you want them to.

We think these are often the same thing, and Prefix has a seamless user experience designed to be the fastest way to build both.

Backed byCombinator and world-class angel investors

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Find out if you can save your team invaluable hours spent on busy work each month– at zero cost & in minutes.