Smart GitHub Issue Search with OpenAI

Harness the power of OpenAI to intelligently search and categorize issues in your GitHub repositories, streamlining issue management and developer workflows.


Connect Prefix with Github and OpenAI to:

  • Quickly find the most relevant issues with AI-powered search capabilities
  • Improve issue triaging with intelligent classification of bugs, features, and queries
  • Save time for developers by reducing manual search and categorization efforts
Integrate seamlessly on Prefix with SlackAsana

Available Actions

Prefix's AI can intelligently identify and connect these actions and many others together for any workflow you need.
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Search Issues And Pull Requests
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Try these actions on Prefix

Create helpful visual tools and applications for your team connecting these actions in minutes with our powerful AI, or get a demo for your particular use case.

Connecting your Github and OpenAI accounts

All account information is stored securely in our encrypted vault. Once you've connected your accounts, Prefix's AI can continue to use these actions to help you build powerful automations and internal tools.

Find and select Github from the list of Featured Apps on your Prefix dashboard. You should see a popup similar to the one pictured below asking you for some information about your account.
Featured Apps
Then, if you're unsure where to find this info: