Understand what drives customers

Uniquely identify the customer properties and product metrics your business cares the most about, and assemble the perfect dashboard to track them.

Lead Qualification and Enrichment Portal

Create a lead qualification system using Typeform to capture lead data, which then enriches the data with Clearbit for deeper insights into potential customers.

Intelligent Lead Scoring and Prioritization

Automatically enrich lead data in HubSpot with Clearbit for real-time intelligence, allowing sales teams to score and prioritize leads more effectively.

Web Content Analysis for Lead Generation

Use Prefix to create a shortcut that scrapes web content and uses OpenAI to analyze it, generating insights for personalized sales outreach.

Discord Community Engagement Tracker

Build a system that monitors and records customer interactions on Discord, then syncs and updates contact records in HubSpot for comprehensive engagement tracking.

New Signups Insight Dashboard

Construct a dynamic dashboard that leverages OpenAI for intelligent analysis, Supabase for data storage and management, and Clearbit for lead enrichment, providing a comprehensive view of new signups.

Automate Apollo.io Contact Management

Use Prefix to automate the creation, updating and management of contacts in Apollo.io, freeing up your sales team to focus on building relationships.

Enrich Leads Before Meetings with Apollo.io

Use Prefix to spin up a simple interface to learn about your leads before meetings, powered by Apollo.io.

Customer Feedback Analysis with Typeform and OpenAI

Automatically analyze and classify customer feedback from Typeform using OpenAI, providing valuable insights for your business.

Automate Shopify Order Management

Create simple tools to create and update orders and products in your Shopify store.

Automate Stripe Billing Management

Use Prefix to automate the creation, updating and retrieval of customer billing information in Stripe.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis and Reporting

Gather customer feedback via SurveyMonkey surveys, store the responses in Supabase for detailed analysis, and generate comprehensive reports to drive sales strategies.

Sales Data Warehouse with Snowflake and Google Sheets

Consolidate sales data from various sources into Snowflake for warehousing, and use Google Sheets as a flexible front-end for data analysis and reporting.

Close CRM Lead Engagement Enhancer

Streamline your sales process by automating lead engagement with personalized emails through Close CRM and Loops. Trigger a series of tailored communications based on lead status updates in Close CRM.

Salesforce Data Consolidation and Analysis

Create a streamlined process to pull data from Salesforce, consolidate it in Google Sheets for analysis, and visualize sales performance metrics.

Sales Pipeline Management with Outseta and Google Sheets

Combine the power of Outseta for CRM and sales automation with the flexibility of Google Sheets to manage your sales pipeline efficiently.

Sales Pipeline Visualization and Management

Create a visual sales pipeline management tool using Prefix, integrating with Close CRM for real-time updates and tracking of leads through various stages.

Automated Apollo.io Lead Scraping and Enrichment

Create a one-click automation to scrape leads from various platforms using Phantombuster, enrich them with Apollo.io for detailed insights, and manage them effectively within your sales pipeline.