Prefix for Developers

Spend less time learning visual builders, fiddling with UI components, and mapping in data– focus on functionality and let our AI do the grunt work.

Streamline Payment Collection with Typeform and Stripe

Create an automated process where customers can fill out payment forms via Typeform and have their payment processed through Stripe, all while updating your sales records with ease.

Smart GitHub Issue Search with OpenAI

Harness the power of OpenAI to intelligently search and categorize issues in your GitHub repositories, streamlining issue management and developer workflows.

Automated Web Content Backup to AWS S3

Create a one-click automation that scrapes web content using Browserless and stores the data securely in an AWS S3 bucket for backup or analysis.

Intelligent Issue Reporting with Linear and OpenAI

Streamline your bug tracking workflow by automatically creating detailed and well-categorized issues in Linear using the descriptive prowess of OpenAI.

AI-Powered Task Prioritization in Asana

Use Prefix to create an automation that leverages OpenAI's text generation capabilities to evaluate and prioritize tasks in Asana. This tool can summarize tasks, suggest priorities based on content analysis, and update task descriptions with AI-generated insights.

Linear Issue Management Dashboard

Create a centralized dashboard to visualize and manage issues in Linear, allowing for efficient tracking and resolution of development tasks.

Intelligent Data Migration and Transformation with Supabase and OpenAI

Effortlessly migrate and transform your data within Supabase using the power of OpenAI's intelligent classification and text generation capabilities.

Automate Data Management in Supabase

Use Prefix to automate the insertion, updating, and deletion of data in your Supabase tables, saving your engineers valuable time.

Automate File Management in AWS S3

Use Prefix to automate the uploading, downloading, and deletion of files in your Amazon S3 buckets.

Automate Query Execution in Google BigQuery

Use Prefix to automate the execution of SQL queries in Google BigQuery, saving your engineers valuable time.

Automate PostgreSQL Data Management

Use Prefix to automate the insertion, updating, and deletion of data in your PostgreSQL tables.